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Midnight Moments

Friday, February 6, 2015
Anyone else up at 3am?

Just finished feeding the baby, she's back to sleep along with everyone else, even the dogs. Instead of going back to sleep myself, I log on. To everything. You see, I kind of cherish these moments of silence in the middle of the night. I cherish my kids laughter during the day too but there is just something extra special about these midnight moments.

But if I stay up too long, then I get hungry. Ain't nobody happy when mama's hungry. As my husband can attest to!

I think what makes this time so special is that there is time. There are hourssss until the littles wake up. Well there better be! It's not like naptime. Nap time is a rush. How many things can I get accomplished in two hours. Wait, did I hear Joey? It's only been an hour! Guess that shower, that laundry, that moving box, that sewing project, etc. will have to wait. But in the middle of the night I don't feel that pressure to squeeze in a little cleaning while trying to get my toddler to eat his lunch instead of feeding it to one of the dogs. If you find me awake in the middle of the night and doing something productive that requires more than being prostrate on the bed, something is seriously wrong! Or I finally went for a snack.

I'll be a little more tired in the morning but it was worth it. Caffe Americano, double shot with two sugars please!

So far this cafe press has moved with me 4 times since we landed in Idaho over the last 2 months.  I've gotten plenty of use out of this baby! Can't wait to get my espresso machine when we finally close on the new house!

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