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Tour of the Idaho Hospital System

Thursday, January 22, 2015
Upon landing in Idaho and spending one night in our TLF (temporary living facility), our little girl Emerson started having trouble breathing.  She had a slight cough the night before we left England which just got worse and I took her to the ER on base on Tuesday afternoon where they diagnosed her with RSV (a really bad virus that affects the respiratory system).  They transferred us to the St. Luke's hospital in Meridian via ambulance where we spent one night and then as she worsened, we were transferred again via ambulance to St. Luke's in Boise because they have a pediatric intensive care unit.

Scary stuff.

We spent 5 days in the ICU and were then moved to the pediatric ward for another 4 days.  Thankfully,  she made a complete recovery but a visit to the ICU and a surgical chest tube implant were not part of what I had in mind for a military move. Yay! All better ;)

Friends of ours from our previous assignment in NC invited us to house sit for them while they went home, which was a life saver as Mountain Home AF base is an hour away from Boise. My mom flew out from NC to help with Joey because it's impossible to keep that little man cooped up in a hospital room all day.  And she also helped watch the kids while we viewed houses that were for sale after Emmie was discharged from the hospital! Grandmas are the best!


  1. So glad everything worked out and your chunky monkey is healthy again. And thank God for grandmas!

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