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Date Night

Thursday, January 22, 2015
…with myself!

It was glorious!  After two whole days of potty training bootcamp where we stared at my 2.5 year old's privates, my husband forced me to go to the movies. By myself.


This is not the first time I've seen a movie by myself.  During our first deployment, I went all the time. But that was pre-kids, 3 deployments and 5 years ago.  And I love going to the movies!

I saw Taken 3.  I love me some Liam Neeson.  I sat there eating my sour patch kids, drinking my blue Icee and sipping some bottled water.  With empty seats on both sides. And I loved it.  Such a wonderful gift from my husband that only cost him $23 total with the military discount.  Talk about a cheap date!

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  1. That sounds nice. Mike is a smart man. Happy wife, happy life. Seriously, you deserve it being homeless for nearly 3 months now?!

    1. Ugh lets not dwell upon the state of homelessness. Let's focus on the new house instead. Wooooosaaaaa (what movie is that from?) Ha ha I'll post a pic of the house soon!

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