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Bon Voyage England

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two adults, two kids, and two dogs plus 11 pieces of luggage.  That's what it takes to move back to the US.  Of course each PCS (military move) is a learning experience.

What we have learned during this move:

Don't travel with that many suitcases.  You won't need half of it.  And if you do, screw it and just buy it in the US when you get there.

25 hours of travel is not a good idea with a 2 year old.  And 3 flights with said 2 year old…bad idea.  He screamed for a whole 3 hour flight from Washington DC to Denver.  We were those people.  And then when he paused for breath, you could hear the dogs barking from the cargo hold.

Yep.  Awesome.


  1. We are all "those people" sometimes. It comes with this crazy military adventure we are on. Who else picks up and moves every belonging they have every 3/4 years?! But also who gets to see Prince Harry and have parties in a 1000 year cathedral? It's a crazy fun life.

    1. Not all of us get to see Prince Harry up close and personal! Jealous! But this move has made me want to have a garage sale, donate, get rid of everything... And then buy some new stuff ;)

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