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Retail Therapy: Deployment Version

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Any military spouse can tell you that the retail therapy level during a deployment rises.  Try pregnant-in-a-foreign-country retail therapy level…my poor husband or shall I say, our poor bank account!

With my 'Sprinkle' baby shower and deployment homecoming in the near future, I turned to my fave source for maternity clothes- ASOS!  They ship to APO (yay!) but this time I actually bought it in British Pounds- exchange rate be damned! Because they ship for FREE. NEXT DAY. To my actual house in the UK instead of waiting 2 weeks for it arrive on base to our APO box.

A girl's got to have options to choose from.  Here's what I got for possible baby shower dresses:


Possible deployment homecoming dresses (our squadron color is blue):

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