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Move on out!

Friday, November 21, 2014

These past 2 months have been a whirlwind for me as we prep for the PCS to Idaho.  My hubs makes it back from a 6 month deployment, 2 weeks later we have a baby and 2 weeks after that we move out of our house in England.  We are in a furnished apartment for a month to tie up loose ends and of course, attend our squadron Christmas party!

I'm amazed that all of our household goods fit in just one moving truck.  We filled up 9 crates, which I was told was about average.  I'll have to remind my hubs that next time I bring home another piece of furniture…


Emerson Rose

Our beautiful Emerson Rose was born on October 10, 2014 at 6:02am at RAF Lakenheath, England.  She was 7 lbs. and 13 oz. and 19.75 inches long. It was a mad dash to the hospital on some pretty rural (aka bumpy) roads and the whole process only took 4 hours from the first contraction at home to producing this sweet girl! We are so excited to welcome her to the family and I see a whole lotta pink in her future! 

Happy Homecoming!

My husband made it home from deployment the other month.  We made it six months!
And he made it in time for this baby!

PS. The 'deployment mustache' only lasted for 20 minutes once crossing the threshold to the house.  That's the deal, if you 'mustache!' Couldn't resist a 'stache joke ;)

US Embassy Dinner in London

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Last night I had dinner at the US Ambassador's house in London.  Yes, his house.  With Prince Harry. And the Foo Fighters.

Pretty awesome.

As Key Spouses of our squadron, we received invitations to join Ambassador Barzun as he welcomed the participants to the Invictus Games that will be taking place over the next 4 days in London.  Prince Harry is the main sponsor of these games, having visited the US and seen our Wounded Warrior program and wanted to bring something similar back to England.

I'll be honest, we kinda thought it was going to be a stuffy dinner with a receiving line to meet the Ambassador, who would then never remember us.  We didn't get much intel from the POCs on base other than "show up here."  Turns out it was a big party on the lawn with yummy food and free booze (insert sad pregnant lady face here) where Prince Harry walked through to sign autographs and take pics and then the Ambassador surprised us all with a great performance from the Foo Fighters.

Like I said, pretty awesome.

The Real Downton Abbey

Perk of living in England:  Visiting Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed. Um, YAY!

I don't watch much TV except for Downton Abbey and Modern Family with my Apple TV but I'm a sucker for a good historical fiction story- umm, yes Modern Family fits right in that genre.  Anyways, living 2.5 hrs from the 'Abbey'- I mean really...  So I took my pregnant tooshie over there with a few friends for a fun day exploring/pretending that I lived there.

Union Jack Baby Quilt

Monday, August 25, 2014

I made a mini version of the Union Jack Quilt for my friend's baby shower gift.  She's having a little boy and this was the perfect opportunity to practice 'Stitching in the Ditch.'  Which I have discovered is not for me!  I'll be sending my future quilts to a professional quilter…

My friend Katie opening her baby shower gift from me…
then being informed that it's not finished and she can't actually take it home! 

Action shot 

Here's a tutorial I watched on how to 'stitch in the ditch.'

Scone Making and Tea Time

We had a 'Scone Making' event at our Honorary Commander's house the other day.  My impression of British scones thus far has been they basically like good ol' southern biscuits but I couldn't have been more wrong and happy to sample the results (I still personally believe that Bojangles Bo-Berry Biscuit is amaaaazing).

Our Honorary Commander Spouse posing with her beautiful Aga stove.

Our squadron has a British Honorary Commander because Lakenheath is an RAF base even though the US Air Force 'lives' there.  Their beautiful house is in a tiny little town located outside Newmarket.  Newmarket is the European home of horse racing and our Honorary Commander happens to own 2 champion racers!

Retail Therapy: Deployment Version

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Any military spouse can tell you that the retail therapy level during a deployment rises.  Try pregnant-in-a-foreign-country retail therapy level…my poor husband or shall I say, our poor bank account!

With my 'Sprinkle' baby shower and deployment homecoming in the near future, I turned to my fave source for maternity clothes- ASOS!  They ship to APO (yay!) but this time I actually bought it in British Pounds- exchange rate be damned! Because they ship for FREE. NEXT DAY. To my actual house in the UK instead of waiting 2 weeks for it arrive on base to our APO box.

A girl's got to have options to choose from.  Here's what I got for possible baby shower dresses:


Possible deployment homecoming dresses (our squadron color is blue):

Deployment Date Night with Pinterest

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Found this gem on my nightly Pinterest perusal aka Date Night.  And it's free! 

It's a really easy quilt and really gratifying for those instant gratification junkies like myself.  The fun thing is that once you make all your quilt blocks, there are actually 3 different quilt settings that you can make. Perrrrrfect because I still have another month and a half of this deployment to fill! 

Here are the options: 

I was just playing around with them to see which I like better… What do ya think?
Stay tuned for finished product ;) 

Union Jack Quilting Bee

I started a Quilting Bee within our squadron Spouses Group to have something to show for our time in England.  'A deployment is perfect timing for new projects' said all of my unfinished projects.  I invited any and all who wanted to participate in the hopes that it would encourage me to actually finish it!

This was our 'inspiration.'  
Thought it was quite fitting to do a Union Jack Quilt while stationed abroad in England. 

Here are a few pics of our 'Sweat Shop' as I like to call it.  
Perk of a deployment: not needing my dining room for dining ;) 

Our 'cutting station' set up in my kitchen.

What my quilt looks like so far.  It's turning out way better than I thought! 

All I need to do is finish the border and send it to a long arm quilter in Utah- I'm not brave enough (or crazy enough) to quilt it myself…yet.    

It's so great to see all the fabrics and color choices that the other girls chose.  Color schemes that I would never have picked myself but love! It's lead me to buy some of the same fabric for my next quilt ;) 

Next Air Force Assignment

Heard from my deployed hubs the other night at 1am England time.  The Air Force has decided to send us to Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho for our next 3 year assignment.

Illustration by Libby VanderPloeg

I was hoping for NC to be closer to family with the new baby and all but the AF had a different idea.  At least we'll be moving to the land of Target, Whole Foods, JoAnns, Trader Joes, Anthropoligie, etc.  Can't complain about that!

There's an awesome article here on Design*Sponge about all Boise, ID has to offer.  I'm getting excited!

Let the home search from afar begin!  

Rinse and Repeat!

I'm ready for a repeat…

This is from our 2011 Deployment Homecoming.

The Hubs is supposed to get home right around my due date.  Let's hope he makes it or he might not be able to afford the requisite push present…jk…sorta but not really. I'm so ready for the end of this deployment.  Six months is a long time.  As is my 2 year old- although I'm thinking he enjoys all the movies he gets to watch these days as I lay on the couch 7 months bloated...ahem, I mean pregnant!

Pics from our upcoming homecoming are going to be veryyyy different! I'll be in a blue maternity dress, waddling to the flight line. Hopefully!

It's a...

Let the PINK binge begin! 

You may have noticed in my last post- the pink lovey is pretty obvious! We are busy discussing names via Skype- which pretty much entails my husband shooting down whatever I suggest…sigh. 

Ruffled Baby Lovey

I recently purchased a ruffler foot for my sewing machine.  I wish I had got one sooner.  It's so fun and so easy!  I made this sweet little lovey in one day (my 2 year old took a nice 3 hour nap!).  You can find the tutorial I used here.

I made it to match my UppaBaby Vista Stroller.

Here's the finished product.  Minky on the back so it's nice and cuddly! 

This is my scary-looking ruffler foot.  It looks like an alien/praying mantis/something intimidating…Or maybe it's just me!  

 Because I was scared, I watched a tutorial on how to use first.  

 My lovely pile of ruffles!!

Blog Life

Monday, July 7, 2014
As a military family, our lives are constantly on the go.  Throw in deployments, TDYs, new assignments,   foreign places, and of course, new's not for the faint-of-heart.  I hope that you'll sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with me!

Joey and I in the field near our house in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk UK.

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